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11 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Mother and father's shock and excitement as they pop the gender reveal smoke cannons. Pink for girl!!!

Looking for some Gender Reveal Ideas?

While some families do choose to keep their baby’s sex a surprise for birth, many do choose to find out during pregnancy and make a celebration out of it!

With our first two, we decided to keep it a surprise. But with our third, we really wanted to experience the joy of finding out and sharing the news with our loved ones with a big gender reveal!

There are many ways you can share this news with your friends and family. So keep reading for some fun, love-filled gender reveal ideas!

How do you find out your baby’s gender?

This can usually be revealed at your 19/20 week anatomy ultrasound scan. But you may have chosen to try out some old wives tales first to see if they are correct – note, these are just for fun!

You can also find out as soon as your first trimester with special types of blood tests, or by using a service such as Sneak Peek Early Dna Test from the comfort of your own home.

What is a Gender Reveal?

This is when you have found out the sex of your baby during pregnancy and you’d like to share – or REVEAL – the news in a way that is special to you as expectant parents. This may involve having your sonographer write down your baby’s sex on a piece of paper that you don’t read (and can pass on to someone else to create a surprise for you), or you and your partner may find out privately and then come up with a fun way to share the news. You may choose to invite all your loved ones over to find out in person, or you might want to create a video yourselves of your reaction and share it online. It’s totally up to you!

11 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Balloon 

You can usually find these at your local party store. They are generally large black balloons filled with either pink or blue confetti. You can pop the balloon with a pin, and the coloured confetti will come exploding out!

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons

When activated, these release brightly coloured smoke into the sky. Pink for a girl, and blue for a boy.

Gender Reveal Piñata

You could fill a piñata with pink or blue confetti, or buy one that’s pre-filled. When smashed, your baby’s sex will be revealed!

Gender Reveal Cake

Have a local cake maker or friend who is talented at baking make you a cake that’s filled with either pink or blue candy, so when it is cut into, your baby’s gender is revealed for all to see!

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

These work similarly to the smoke cannons, except they shoot out pink or blue confetti.

Gender Reveal Balloon Box

Fill a box with helium balloons that are either blue or pink. When the box is opened, the balloons will fly out revealing the colour!

Virtual/Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

Sibling photo

This could feature a coloured onesie, or the siblings surrounded by coloured confetti that’s been shot into the air.

Family photo

Simply photograph any of the gender reveal ideas above (the smoke and confetti cannon ideas always look fab in photos) and post it to social media/send it to your loved ones.

Photo of the bump with coloured hand prints on it

Have your partner or other child dip their hands in pink or blue paint then hold them onto your bump. This can make a super cute photo or video as the coloured hand prints are revealed.

Create a video

Show the journey of you finding out at your ultrasound, or the joy/shock on your faces as you do one of the other reveals, and post it to social media or directly to your loved ones via email.

Zoom call Gender Reveal

Invite all your favourite humans to a Zoom call where you reveal the news. Make sure you hit screen record to get everyone’s reactions!

Boy or girl – congratulations Mama!

Whether you find out your baby is a boy or a girl, this is such an exciting time and allows you to even more clearly imagine your life together. Sometimes the news can be a shock – or even initially disappointing. This is OK and it’s very common for it to take time to process. It doesn’t mean you love your baby any less.

Whether you choose to keep your baby’s gender a surprise or have a big party to celebrate – it will be a time that is cherished forever! Make sure you tag me in your pictures on Instagram @mamalinc

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