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As a postnatal, lactation and sleep consultant, I offer personalised consults to help teach, support and encourage mamas with their newborns, breastfeeding journey and sleep issues.  My mission is to help mamas feel confident, self assured and at ease while navigating mamahood.



Feel completely ready when baby comes!  Learn from home everything from bathing, burping, right latch, breastfeeding positions, and early gentle techniques to help with sleep.  Plus much, much more!



Breastfeeding can be tricky at times and it is common for mamas to have problems and questions.  Lets work together to solve your issues and help you continue on your breastfeeding journey!



Make sleepless nights, multiple wake ups and early morning rises a thing of the past!  Together we will create a personalised and achievable plan that suits your family’s specific needs.  Sleep is only a consult away!

Unsure which consultation would suit you or have questions about my services, let’s chat

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Hi! I’m Courtney, creator and founder of Mama Linc

I have over 10 years combined experience as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and a Lactation and Sleep Consultant.

I’ve coached and assisted over 1,000 families, hands on, alleviate their stress and worries while becoming more confident and at ease with their baby.

Mama Linc will be with you every step of the way for the first years of babies life.

You will quickly learn how to settle and decipher cries, reach your breastfeeding goals, get baby sleeping and much much more.

Whether this is your first baby or third, you are not alone, I am on your team and in your corner to help you navigate easily through mamahood.


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“Courtney came to our rescue”

Hi my name is Zhaozhao and I am Julian’s mom. Julian is almost five-month old now. He used to sleep well when he was a new born baby. He would usually fall asleep while breastfeeding and would sleep happily for long stretches. However, it all changed after he turned three months old. He started to fight bedtime and would only sleep for short periods after being put down for bed. I find it physically challenging to keep breastfeeding him back to sleep.

Courtney came to our rescue when we hit rock bottom and had to put Julian in a carrier for hours before he finally fell asleep every night. It was taking a physical and emotional toll on me and my husband.

Courtney first asked me thoroughly about Julian’s routine, sleep habits and his resistant behaviour around bedtime. Then she designed a bespoke nap/sleep schedule for Julian with very handy tips to help me keep Julian active during his wake hours and settle him without resorting to feeding.

Before consulting Courtney,  I have read extensively about sleep training theories, but those theories only make sense on page. When I am holding my own crying baby who keeps arching his back and screaming at 10pm every day, all the well-intended theories fall apart. What Courtney has helped us tremendously is that she embodies her expertise in baby sleep in simple and easy to follow guidelines and schedule that meet our goals and lifestyle. So I don’t have to rack my sleep-deprived brain to figure out which theory I should follow and whether I am doing the right thing.

I used the sleep log that Courtney has created to truthfully record how Julian naps/sleeps every day, good and bad. It turns out that Julian has responded very well to the new routine and we have started to notice that he is happier during wake time and easier to put to bed.

But what Courtney offers us is more than that. Shortly after the positive response we saw, Julian reached his four months’ sleep regression. He would only catnap and wake up even more frequently at night than when he was a new born. Luckily, we have Courtney by our side. She adjusted the schedule for us, made it more flexible and taught me more settling techniques to help us through the sleep regression. I trust Courtney. Whenever I get frustrated and hopeless during the process,  she is always there for me, encourage me and reassure me. In the end, we emerge from the other side of the sleep regression calmer and happier.

Base on my personal experience, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Courtney to any mom and dad out there who are struggling with a tiny human refusing to sleep.

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Zhaozhao & JulianZhaozhao & JulianSydney Australia
“made me feel supported and was there for me every step of the way”

When I had my second baby I was super overwhelmed. I was really struggling with getting him to sleep in his cot for any length of time, he would wake and cry as soon as I put him down. I reached out to Courtney for help, and she had so many helpful tips and tricks for us. Courtney made me feel supported and was there for me every step of the way. So grateful for her help!  Highly recommend her to any mom!

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Emily, Jasper & SamAlberta, Canada


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