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Best Products for your Hospital Bag & Nursery Essentials

Pregnant Mama gets organised and packs her hospital bag ready for when she gives birth

So, you’re starting to get ready to set up your home for the upcoming arrival of your precious baby?! This is such an exciting time but it can be hard to know where to start. But when the need to nest kicks in, you just HAVE to get it done!  IYKYK! The problem is, we’re bombarded with so many different options and influencer recommendations all over social media. It’s difficult to know what we actually need VS what could turn out to be a total waste of money. So today, I thought I’d chat through some of my favourite products today! I promise you, these are only the products I have genuinely loved and used myself. I don’t make recommendations lightly! Only the best for our Mamaunity – so let’s look into my favourite nursery recommendations and the best hospital bag products I have found!

Best Nursery Products

Although your baby won’t sleep in the nursery for a while yet. It is still an important place for you to store your essential baby gear and maybe spend some time with your little one feeding or reading to them. You want to create a space that has a nice flow to it. Ideally try to avoid over-cluttering your nursery, if you can. Everything should be kept in its own logical, easy-to-find place. 

Now this list is not EVERYTHING you need! Just a few of my faves that you might be missing. For a full list, make sure you sign up here to get your free Nursery Checklist. If you’re already a Mama Linc member, you can find this checklist in the app under ‘free checklists’. 

Nappy Bin

Some may say this is unnecessary, but for us it’s personally been a game changer. With three kids, I don’t always have the time to get outside to the big bin to dispose of a soiled nappy. We love the Tommee Tippee bin! We actually have two of them: one in the bathroom and one in our nursery. We have also had the nursery one in our common area for a while. Nappy Bins are great as they contain the smell and save me so many trips outside!

Baby Monitor

Technology has come so far with baby monitors, even just in the last few years since I’ve had babies. I personally love the Owlet Smart Sock as your baby actually wears it and it tracks their oxygen level and heart rate. This was really reassuring when our middle and youngest had RSV. As I could watch them sleeping soundly, while also tracking their readings. Ultimately though, with a baby monitor, it really depends on price point. All you really need is something with good audio and quality visuals.

Bunnie Caddie

This is to hold all of your essentials: nappies, coconut oil/nappy cream, wipes, onesies, singlets etc. You can just go with a basket if you prefer, but I personally love the Bunnie Caddie. It’s generously sized, has a handle and carry strap, features removable dividers and nine functional pockets. I’ve even taken ours on vacation with us as it’s so easy to just pop in the car and go without having to pack everything separately. 

Sleep Space

Your baby’s sleep space should be simple and uncluttered. Eventually, this will be in your nursery, but initially your little one will room in with you, in their own bassinet. Here are a few of my favourite products to have in this area:

Co-Sleeping Bassinet

I can’t rave about this enough. It keeps your baby so close that they’re literally at arms-reach, while also ensuring they have a safe, separate sleep space. There are many great co-sleeping bassinet options out there, but we went with iL Tutto as I’ve found their range to be functional, high-quality and easy to transport. 

Jersey Swaddles

Absolutely love jersey swaddles! They feel extra soft, are gentle on our babies’ skin, and best of all, they have plenty of stretch. Many top swaddle brands offer Jersey Swaddles. So have a look around and find which ones you look best, for the best price!

Ewan the Dream Sheep

All three of my kids have their own ‘Ewan’ and they adore him. Ewan the Dream Sheep is a super cute sleep aid that plays heartbeat and womb sounds (plus more), and functions as a night light with a soft red glow (ideal for melatonin production!). For our littlest ones, it’s not safe to have cuddly toys in their sleep space, but what’s great about Ewan is he can be securely attached to the outside of the cot, or placed nearby so that your baby can still be comforted by him. My two eldest boys (3 and 4) still use their ‘Ewans’ every single night so I can definitely say we have got our money’s worth with these!

Portable Sound Machine

There are loads of options out there for this. A portable machine is good as you can attach it to your pram if you’re out and about, or have it nearby your baby if they’re sleeping while you’re driving.

Best Hospital Bag Products

When you’re thinking about what to take to hospital, it can be tempting to pack everything but the kitchen sink! But, it’s best to think about the essentials only – and what the hospital already provides, as there’s no use doubling up. You can find my FREE hospital bag checklist here – but here are a few of the best hospital bag products I would always have on my list!

The actual Bag!

Before we get onto the best hospital bag products, let’s talk about the ACTUAL bag! I recommend going with two bags – one for you while you’re in labour, with all your essentials for during and immediately after birth. The other bag will hold all your clothes (for you and bub), plus other bits and pieces you need for your Hospital stay. I’m a big fan of only spending money on things I know I’ll use again, wherever possible. That’s why I decided to go for a Hospital Bag that would double up as a Nappy Bag later when it came to carrying my labour essentials. I was lucky enough to sample the Florence Vegan Leather Nappy Backpack from the beautiful team at Bambino Bagz. It’s a backpack-style bag – which is much more convenient than a shoulder bag when you are on-the-go with Bub later on, plus it has a wide opening so it’s easy to find everything you need. 

Partum Panties Disposable Maternity Underwear 

Love, love, love these. I remember the surreal moment of wearing diapers alongside my newborn baby and how grateful I felt that I wasn’t having to wear leaky, bulky maternity pads. Partum Panties were designed by Midwife Lydia Connolly here in Australia and they are incredibly comfortable. They can be worn from the moment your waters break, right through to managing your postpartum bleeding. They’re super absorbent and fit securely on your tender tummy, nice and high. So even if you have had a Caesarean, they won’t irritate your wound. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the MOST VERSATILE product I can recommend for new Mamas. Works as a great nipple cream or nappy rash cream. I use it every single day.

TENS Machine

I personally wouldn’t be without my TENS Machine during labour. It’s a small, portable device that sends small and safe electrical pulses to your skin via adhesive pads that are stuck on your back. When the machine is on, you can control the electrical pulses and time them with your contractions. It’s thought that these pulses distract the brain from pain signals, thus reducing discomfort for labouring mamas. I can tell you that for me, it made a huge difference. The pulses don’t hurt at all, and they truly did give me something else to focus on as my body went through the hard work of labour. The one I used is from Mama & I Co.  Portable, easy-to-use, hand-held and has a range of helpful functions.

Lip Balm

The air conditioning in hospitals can be really drying, plus you’re going to be doing lots of mouth breathing. A quality lip balm will help keep your lips nourished and soft. 

Your Own Pillow

Trust me, no hospital pillow will ever match the home comfort of your very own pillow.

Now that I’ve shared some of my favourites to help you get your hospital bag and nursery organised, let’s help get you prepared for postpartum and breastfeeding! Check out favourites here

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It’s important to note this blog is general education only. For any personal based advice regarding you or your baby please seek advice from your own healthcare professional.