“she listens to you as a mother/parent and will cater to your needs”

As a first time mum I was very fortunate to have met Courtney. Her wealth of knowledge and support helped me through getting my little one through sleep regression.  She is compassionate, she listens to you as a mother/parent and will cater to your needs and what you are comfortable with. I highly recommend Courtney even if you just need a chat.  She is fantastic!

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Jess & JacksonJess & JacksonSydney, Australia
“Her knowledge and advise was so valuable”

Our baby girl, Amelia arrived 7 weeks early, to our great surprise. Given this, Amelia's sucking reflex at 33 weeks was not fully developed. She was fed expressed breast milk by nose tube for the first three days of her life. She was quick to progress and we were lucky with her health. Courtney facilitated me to begin my breast feeding relationship with Amelia. She provided sound and patient coaching. Her knowledge and advise was so valuable. It was clear that her expertise came from both practice and research. She developed a graduated plan as Amelia transitioned slowly from tube feeding to the breast. She was mindful of Amelia's needs and limitations as we executed the plan. She also gave some good advise on how to line up my milk supply with Amelia's needs, during the time I was expressing.

 Baby Amelia was a quick learner. As a new mum, I had my worries and anxiety. However, Courtney was so natural at putting me at ease. Courtney left such a fond memory in me that I referred her to many of my friends that were struggling with breast feeding difficulties. She is definitely to be credited with the fact that I was able to feed my premature baby exclusively from the breast within 2 weeks of her coming into the world. We were very lucky to have been supported by Courtney. I know that she will be on my speed dial if I am lucky enough to go through the newborn baby experience again!

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Emma, Alex & AmeliaNewcastle Area, Australia
“Courtney helped us with all the small things you don’t even think about”

We were lucky enough to have Courtney provide us with her ever so useful help and assistance with our beautiful baby girl Willow. Not only is parenthood tricky enough being first time parents, but we also had our baby girl three months early.

Being new to the parent world we had no idea about all the different types of bottles, the different body washes, how to express, how to breast feed. Courtney not only gave her guidance and advice she was our rock at times, her support will be for ever appreciated.

Courtney helped us with all the small things you don’t even think about, for example how to wrap and swaddle your baby. She taught us the different ways to burp, how to feed a bottle and when to burp. All the things we have never done before. She would go out of her way every time we needed help or had questions

We were so so lucky to have meet Courtney and to have her help through our journey of becoming parents. We will be forever thankful and we highly recommend her services and support to anyone in need.

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Ash, Chris & WillowSouth Coast, Australia
"the techniques and tips Courtney showed me gave me the confidence to know I was doing everything I could to ensure my breastfeeding journey continued"

Up until 3-4 months of age my daughter was a good feeder. Suddenly my little one was pulling herself off the breast crying and refusing to suck on my left breast completely. I reached out to Courtney to help me with some techniques and ensure bubs was fed! We focused on latch and listening to my baby swallow to know she was getting milk. I had also found out my supply was reducing so we worked on power pumping in between feeds with a breast pump to boost supply. The power pumping helped increase supply but unfortunately my bub still refused to latch on the left side. Regardless, the techniques and tips Courtney showed me gave me the confidence to know I was doing everything I could to ensure my breastfeeding journey continued. I'd definitely recommend engaging Courtney for her help and guidance when it comes to breastfeeding tips, tricks and solutions!

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Suzanna & LilySuzanna & LilySydney, Australia
“made me feel supported and was there for me every step of the way”

When I had my second baby I was super overwhelmed. I was really struggling with getting him to sleep in his cot for any length of time, he would wake and cry as soon as I put him down. I reached out to Courtney for help, and she had so many helpful tips and tricks for us. Courtney made me feel supported and was there for me every step of the way. So grateful for her help!  Highly recommend her to any mom!

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Emily, Jasper & SamAlberta, Canada
“so thankful for all the support I received from Courtney, even from half way around the world”

I am so thankful for all the support I received from Courtney, even from half way around the world. Living in a rural community, 2 hours away from the closet lactation specialist, I was overwhelmed and stressed when I began to have challenges nursing my 7 month old.

Courtney was knowledgeable, understanding, and gave me what I needed most, reassurance that my baby was thriving and was getting what he needed.

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Tara & Baby KTara & Baby KAlberta, Canada
“worked with me to find what worked for me and my baby”

From early on my baby was a fairly normal or average sleeper and seemed to develop a reasonably consistent routine. While he did not sleep through the night, he settled easily and  particularly with my husband doing one bottle feed at 10pm, I managed to get fairly good chunks of solid sleep from a reasonably young age.

However, the combination of travelling to visit family disrupting his routine right at the time of a huge developmental milestone and the eight month sleep regression, resulted in significant sleeping problems for us. That is when I contacted Courtney. I won’t go into specifics as they do not matter, as every baby is different and different strategies work for different babies and it is a matter of systematically working through strategies to see what works for your baby; what mattered overall was Courtney. She persisted with me, problem solved with me, modelled strategies to me and emotionally supported me throughout the sleep difficulties (and trust me you need that when you are severely sleep deprived).

Her persistence and presence was grounding when you are sleep deprived and feeling like nothing is working, nothing will ever change and you don’t know what to do. She remained positive and encouraging and did not enforce any particular “philosophy” or approach on me, but worked with me to find what worked for me and my baby. She suggested strategies and adapted them when I struggled implementing them. When I felt I couldn’t implement them due to how tired I was she broke the strategies down into a staged/softer approach, adapting them to my needs.

A combination of the strategies (and just time!) meant his sleep got back on track, but I couldn’t have gotten through it without Courtney’s support.

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Carmel & Baby HSydney, Australia
“Courtney’s knowledge is invaluable and I will use all the advice she has given me for many years to come”

Courtney helped me with settling my 8-month-old son Leo when I was finding it difficult to settle him for his day time naps. I would often find myself taking him for multiple walks a day to settle him. Leo was also waking up multiple times throughout the night and Leo thought that the day started at 4am! Courtney also helped me with settling Leo at night to ensure he wasn’t reliant and accustomed to me breastfeeding him to get him back to sleep.

I was extremely tired but very anxious about doing any form of sleep training as I was scared about the amount of crying that may be involved. However, Courtney’s approach to settling is very gentle but effective and we tackled one issue at a time, so it wasn’t so daunting. The settling techniques that Courtney has taught me are extremely valuable and I feel like they will be able to last through any disturbances (sleep regressions, teething, leaps etc). Leo now doesn’t rely on breastfeeding to go to sleep, is waking up a lot later in the mornings and is a lot easier to settle for his naps – I think 1 minute was my record.

Courtney has been extremely supportive with my sleep training journey. Any doubts that I have raised, Courtney has given me reassurance that I am doing the right thing which has put my mind and mum guilts at ease. Courtney has given me a lot of advice on settling techniques which has given me more confidence that I am doing the right thing. It’s also nice to have another mum to talk to that knows what you are going through.

I would highly recommend Courtney to any mum that is looking to improve their childs sleep pattern! Courtney not only gave me advice on settling, she has a wealth of knowledge with many tips on breastfeeding, teething and anything baby related. I think it’s very rare to find someone that is a nurse and a sleep and breastfeeding specialist. Courtney’s knowledge is invaluable and I will use all the advice she has given me for many years to come.


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Lauren & LeoLauren & LeoSydney, Australia
“I don’t think I could of got as far as I did without Courtney”

My breast feeding journey didn’t start off how I had planned…. Fast forward I was put on fenugreek when I left the hospital, didn’t seem to be helping so my GP & LC put me on domperidone after taking the pills for a while nothing was really changing I was pumping every feed and giving formula top ups as that’s what I was informed to do by my hospital & GP  it was just becoming to much.

Courtney helped me with all my questions regarding nipple shields, breast pumps, latching, feeding schedules.. you name it.  She worked with me through everything, asked me so many questions so she could get the bigger picture, to be able to help me & try get me off the medication & pumping.  She even helped me with the questions I had of why he was so cranky, wouldn’t sleep, my sore cracked nipples etc..

As a new mum this meant the absolute world to me to know that there was someone that was willing to help me out of my family or friend zone, giving Courtneys’ career I felt very comfortable in seeing if she could help me.

She helped me for months, sending regular checks & we actually got off the pumping & I was exclusively breast feeding my little boy.  I don’t think I could of got as far as I did without Courtney’s help as my GP and Family health nurse weren’t really helping me get off the medication which I didn’t want to be on for to long. I then exclusively breast fed for 4 months until one day he decided that was enough I don’t want boob anymore… little turkey but I'm glad I made it to where we did.

I cannot thank Courtney enough for going out of her way to help me as a new mother.

I know there will be plenty more mums out there that could really use a helping hand with their breast feeding journey & I believe Courtney is the perfect match for all of us

Much love

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Trinity & HunterTrinity & HunterGold Coast, Australia
“can’t believe what a difference her guidance and support has made”

Hi, I’m Stacey and I’m a second time mum to Charlie, who’s 2 weeks old.

I had a tough time breastfeeding with my daughter, Holly, who is nearly 3 now. I saw multiple midwives and lactation consultations at the hospital and Early Childhood Health Centres to try to solve our issues. Every person I saw gave us a different diagnosis, and different advice. In the end, I stopped seeking help because it was too frustrating and upsetting. We just battled through on our own. For at least two months I dreaded feeds and I didn’t manage to feed completely pain-free without nipple shields until Holly was four months old.

This time, I was determined to do things differently. Firstly, I vowed to be kinder to myself but secondly I sought proper help from one person I knew I could trust: Courtney.

Unfortunately, the pain I experienced breastfeeding Charlie was almost identical to my first time. However, with Courtney’s help it has improved so much and so quickly. In just two weeks I am feeding almost pain free with nipple shields, and I am slowly building my confidence towards trying to feed without them.

Courtney’s approach has been perfect for us. She was kind and sensitive in those early, very hormonal days and encouraged me to keep going even when I was ready to quit. She was a firm and steady hand guiding my husband and I through each feed, reassuring us that we were doing the right thing and that it would get better. She checked in regularly to see how we were doing and troubleshoot issues as they arose. Any time I felt unable to follow her advice, Courtney would change tack and provide an alternative approach without judgment or fuss.

Courtney was completely supportive of my preference to use nipple shields and to bottle feed occasionally to give my body a break. She helped me to understand how to pump in order to match my supply to Charlie’s demand.

Courtney’s expertise doesn’t end with breastfeeding; she has also been on hand to answer all of our questions about sleep cycles, swaddling and settling Charlie. He sleeps beautifully in his own cot (most of the time!) thanks to her gentle ‘positive wake’ techniques.

I trust Courtney completely when it comes to breastfeeding, and can’t believe what a difference her guidance and support has made to my breastfeeding journey. Her approach is clear, structured, and gentle - and it really, really works. We will be continuing to work with her as Charlie inevitably hits sleep regressions in the coming months. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding or sleep, or for any queries about their baby.

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Stacey, Holly & CharlieStacey, Holly & CharlieSydney, Australia
“deep knowledge of all things newborn”

Courtney was an absolute ray of sunshine whilst wading through the first few months of being a first-time mum! Her kind and caring nature shone through in every communication, whether it was face to face or over the phone. She has such a deep knowledge of all things newborn. I went to her specifically for some sleep advice but ended up learning so much more on so many topics. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease asking the "silly" questions but also gave me the much needed confidence in my own instincts. I would highly recommend Courtney to any mum out there who needs a spark of positive energy and practical advice on all things baby. 

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Alex & MollyAlex & MollySydney, Australia
“Courtney’s approach is gentle and was able to adapt so that I was comfortable”

Hello my name is Angela and my daughter Amelia is 21 months. Since Amelia was a newborn I wouldn't say she was the greatest sleeper but I just went with the flow as I didn't want to stress too much in the early days. Amelia was about 12 months old when I decided that something needed to change, as she wasn't sleeping through for longer than 4 hours at a time. I connected with Courtney through Mama Linc and she was able to recommend some gentle but firm techniques to get Amelia to self settle, as she as relying strongly on me to get her to sleep. A few techniques she suggested were to ensure to have a strong sleep routine, and once she was in her cot to say your "phrase" - eg:" it's bed time now, mama loves you goodnight”. Courtney’s approach is gentle and was able to adapt so that I was comfortable with the techniques she came up with.  I would definitely recommend Courtney due to her kind and gentle nature, she made me feel so comfortable with the techniques she had suggested and always reassured me that I was doing a great job.


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Angela & AmeliaAngela & AmeliaSydney, Australia
“contacting Courtney has been one of the best decisions I have made as a mum”

Reaching out and contacting Courtney has been one of the best decisions I have made as a mum, not only for me but my baby as well. Courtney has been able to give me advice and assistance on breastfeeding, settling and sleep. I have found her to be approachable, friendly and very knowledgeable. My baby was born 6 weeks prematurely by emergency c-section and I was not sure if my milk would come in and if I would be able to breastfeed, with Courtney's support and guidance, she encouraged me to persevere and gave me advice on what to do. Four months later I have a happy healthy breastfed baby and I'm enjoying the bonding experience. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone, her expertise as a nurse, lactation and sleep consultant are second to none.

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Adina & ZacSydney, Australia
“goes above and beyond the expectation”

I can’t thank Courtney enough from Mama Linc. As a second time mum, I was expecting to breeze through it all the second time around. How wrong I was! Courtney helped me so much with sleep routines, how to transition baby from bassinet to cot, night wakes and advice with feeding and solids. She also helped me manage my routines to support both of my children (3 year old and a 7 month old). Courtney is so supportive and knowledgeable in her advice, yet is very respectful and doesn’t ask you to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing. She goes above and beyond the expectation when it comes to help or advice and always follows up to see how things are going. I will continue to ask Courtney at mama linc in the months and years to come for her help. Her support has been invaluable. I also felt the fact that she is a mum, made her so easy to relate to as she has been through it all herself. I highly recommend her help!

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Katie, William & HarryKatie, William & HarryGold Coast, Australia
"She was approachable and she showed she genuinely cared"

I had the pleasure of working with Courtney when our 3 month old abruptly went on a nursing strike. Courtney was first and foremost encouraging and supportive, which really helped to ease the stress of working through this challenge and knowing we would get through it successfully.

She explained the why’s of our baby’s behaviour and her recommendations for me with different nursing strategies worked and within a few days we were back to exclusively nursing.

Courtney was consistency proactive in checking in with us to see how we were doing, even after we were back to nursing. She was approachable and she showed she genuinely cared, again another comforting feeling for a new mama.

I would strongly encourage without hesitation any parent to work with Courtney. It was a five star experience and I’m forever grateful!

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Erin & ViennaErin & ViennaAlberta, Canada
“Courtney came to our rescue”

Hi my name is Zhaozhao and I am Julian’s mom. Julian is almost five-month old now. He used to sleep well when he was a new born baby. He would usually fall asleep while breastfeeding and would sleep happily for long stretches. However, it all changed after he turned three months old. He started to fight bedtime and would only sleep for short periods after being put down for bed. I find it physically challenging to keep breastfeeding him back to sleep.

Courtney came to our rescue when we hit rock bottom and had to put Julian in a carrier for hours before he finally fell asleep every night. It was taking a physical and emotional toll on me and my husband.

Courtney first asked me thoroughly about Julian’s routine, sleep habits and his resistant behaviour around bedtime. Then she designed a bespoke nap/sleep schedule for Julian with very handy tips to help me keep Julian active during his wake hours and settle him without resorting to feeding.

Before consulting Courtney,  I have read extensively about sleep training theories, but those theories only make sense on page. When I am holding my own crying baby who keeps arching his back and screaming at 10pm every day, all the well-intended theories fall apart. What Courtney has helped us tremendously is that she embodies her expertise in baby sleep in simple and easy to follow guidelines and schedule that meet our goals and lifestyle. So I don’t have to rack my sleep-deprived brain to figure out which theory I should follow and whether I am doing the right thing.

I used the sleep log that Courtney has created to truthfully record how Julian naps/sleeps every day, good and bad. It turns out that Julian has responded very well to the new routine and we have started to notice that he is happier during wake time and easier to put to bed.

But what Courtney offers us is more than that. Shortly after the positive response we saw, Julian reached his four months’ sleep regression. He would only catnap and wake up even more frequently at night than when he was a new born. Luckily, we have Courtney by our side. She adjusted the schedule for us, made it more flexible and taught me more settling techniques to help us through the sleep regression. I trust Courtney. Whenever I get frustrated and hopeless during the process,  she is always there for me, encourage me and reassure me. In the end, we emerge from the other side of the sleep regression calmer and happier.

Base on my personal experience, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Courtney to any mom and dad out there who are struggling with a tiny human refusing to sleep.

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Zhaozhao & JulianZhaozhao & JulianSydney Australia

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