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Sleep Consult

$ 500.00

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Make sleepless nights, multiple wake ups and early morning rises a thing of the past!  Together we will create a personalised and achievable plan that suits your family’s specific needs.  Sleep is only a consult away!




If baby is not sleeping, no one is sleeping!  And sleep is one of the most vital requirements we need to function on a daily basis, and our baby’s need to grow and develop.  My sleep consult will have you and your family enjoying a more peaceful and restful nights sleep, leaving everyone feeling like a completely new person.  Working together, I will devise a customised, personalised and achievable sleep plan according to your baby and family, allowing for adaption as needed.  Together we will create a relaxing bedtime, gently teach baby self-soothing techniques and independence in going back to sleep during the night.

Your consult includes:

  • 15 minute introductory conversation to identify your needs
  • 2 hr live video consult includes:
    • Identifying goals for your baby’s sleep
    • In-depth sleep, feeding, and baby assessment
    • Personalised plan for concerns, such as:
      • Multiple wakes per night
      • Early morning wakes
      • Self settling techniques
      • Routine
      • Sleep regressions
      • Cat napping
      • And much, much more

*2 hr consult may be broken into 2 x 1 hr sessions depending on needs

  • Email of personalised plan and ways of implementing
  • 7 days of phone, text or email support
  • Access to online private Mama Linc Community

If after 7 days you feel you need more one on one support with Courtney, additional time can be added for $100/per hour.